Alumina wire U-shaped porcelain smooth and high temperature resistance characteristics and application scope

Author:yousu02 Date:2021-11-29 Reading:

The surface of the alumina wire U-shaped porcelain is extremely smooth and mirror-like. The service life is greatly extended due to its toughness and wear resistance. Because of its high chemical stability and high compressive strength, the product is suitable for electrical machinery and other fields.

The Rockwell hardness of alumina is HRA80-90, which is second only to diamond and far exceeds the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel. Its wear resistance is equivalent to 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 times that of high-chromium cast iron. According to our customer follow-up surveys over the past ten years, under the same working conditions, the service life of the equipment can be extended by at least ten times. Its density is 3.5g/cm3, which is only half that of steel, which can greatly reduce the equipment load.

The hardness of alumina wire U-shaped porcelain is extremely high. Whether it is polycrystalline alumina ceramics or single crystal alumina ceramics, they all have higher hardness performance of stainless steel, because the hardness of ceramics can reach stainless steel. And enamel is more than nine times, so when our teeth are in contact with ceramic brackets, the enamel will be worn away in a short time.

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