Method of prolonging the service life of zirconia ceramic rod

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Zirconia ceramic rods have a Rockwell hardness of HRA80-90, and their wear resistance is better than alloy steel and high chromium cast iron, which can extend the service life of machinery and equipment by more than ten times. In addition, zirconia ceramic rods have excellent characteristics such as high toughness, high hardness, high density, good stability, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. Zirconia ceramic rods are mostly used in textile ceramics, electronic and electrical ceramics, smart wearable ceramics, medical food ceramics, petrochemical ceramics and other industries.

In addition, zirconia ceramic rods also have good organic chemical reliability, and can resist acid and alkali corrosion at high temperatures. Zirconia ceramic rods belong to the raw materials of inorganic non-metallic materials and are one of the products with good flame retardancy. However, the microstructure of zirconia ceramics is equiaxed crystal, which is a polycrystalline structure composed of ionic or chemical bonds. Correspondingly, the impact toughness is relatively low.

Methods of prolonging the service life of zirconia ceramic rods:

The surface temperature should not be too high, adjust the voltage in time to avoid three aspects of overload. In addition, the ceramic rod should be protected from moisture when storing, so that the rod body can be kept dry, and various structural types and precision can be used correctly in use. Extend the service life of the ceramic rod, so as to exert its value and function for a long time.

(1) The surface temperature should not be too high.

Pay attention to its temperature in the environment of use, because when the temperature exceeds the limit temperature of the ceramic rod, its oxidation rate will increase and its life will gradually shorten.

(2) Adjust the voltage in time.

The ceramic rod is oxidized during use, and then the resistance will gradually increase. The voltage should be increased in a timely manner. The initial voltage should be half of the rated voltage, and then slowly increase after returning to normal.

(3) Avoid excessive use.

When the ceramic rod is partially hot or dark red due to faults or uneven heating, it means that the ceramic rod has begun to age locally, and the resistance has been too different, and the furnace should be shut down in time for maintenance and replacement.


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